What we do

We manufacture Cookies, Crackers, Biscuits, Brittles and Chips.

Here at Imagine Baking we are devoted to making top-quality, trend-forward cookies, crackers, biscuits, brittles, and baked chips. We are energized by challenging projects and are expert at converting difficult formulations into value-added, market-leading products. Bring us your ideas and bench-top creations and let us transform them into delicious consumer favorites!
Imagine Baking Organic Cookie


We can do all the me-too cookies and have an extensive library of both conventional and organic versions of industry standards, but what we really like to tackle is something no one else has made before.

We have extensive experience in gluten-free and organic formulations and with the supply channel of critical and exotic ingredients.  We welcome inspiration and collaboration from our clients to spur our creativity and make dreams happen.  Our competitive advantage is that we love to innovate, and our team embraces the process with dedication and enthusiasm.


Imagine Baking Crackers


Flatbreads and crackers were our first obsessions when we decided to make flatbreads by hand in a tiny California bakery decades ago, and they still command our love and attention.

Now we bring our expertise to best-selling gluten-free formulations, and we’re not talking about that tasteless cardboard stuff that passed for gluten-free baking a while back.

We welcome hearty grain-based crackers as well as newer pulse, nut and seed-based versions and think the world still has a lot of room for innovative cracker creations, so let’s build some together!

Imagine baking Biscuits


These can be either savory or sweet, and more often than not molded. We think this is an under-appreciated category that is ripe for innovation, and we’re ready explore this opportunity with clients who want to shake things up a bit in the marketplace.

Imagine baking Brittles

Brittles and Chips

We make some really indulgent cookie brittles that are nice examples of innovative baking. Baked chips are an expanding category and the world is waiting for the next snacking sensation. It just could be your concept that comes to life in our plant and hits the sweet spot!

Imagine Baking Industrial Baker
Next-generation baking

We are not your average industrial baker

Bring us your ideas and bench-top creations and let us transform them into delicious consumer favorites!