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We bake cookies, crackers, biscuits, brittles and chips in our SQF level 3 facility, conveniently located near major supply sources and distribution hubs in north central Ohio. Woman-owned, and staffed by a seasoned management team with decades of experience to draw upon, we are solution providers for brands that are committed to innovation, uniqueness and sustainability in the healthy eating category.
We leverage the full strength of our R&D, product development, manufacturing and quality control expertise to assist our customers in realizing market opportunities and speeding their ideas from concept to the sales arena.
We are ready to help you transform your business challenges into market successes!

SQF level 3, Organic (QAI), Gluten-free (GFCO compliant), non-GMO and Kosher (OU-D) certified. FSMA compliant, Climate Collaborative member.

Focused on:

Natural, gluten-free and organic baked goods

We like to create, innovate, collaborate, update, improve, invent, transform, renew, modernize and revolutionize your formulations - or just follow the mix sheet, please! We love all sorts of cookies, crackers, biscuits, chips and brittles, and will give them a good home.
Organic Cookie


We can do all the industry standards – wire-cut, molded, dough pump, sandwich. But we do them to fit today’s aesthetic, utilizing the power of whole food ingredients.

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We can laminate, sheet and extrude crackers and flatbreads, and are all about turning challenging or unusual formulations into trendsetting retail successes.

Cookie Chips Brittles


We love biscuits, and whether they’re wholesome and sweet or savory and tantalizing, we are ready to bring your biscuits to the next level and attract a new audience.

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Not quite cookies, not quite candy, but a unique category that exceeds everyday snacking expectations and offers true indulgence, with a clean ingredient slate.  

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